Girls: Any color leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers. Skirt is optional.

Boys: Black pants and white shirt,  black ballet slippers


Girls: Any color leotard, pink tights and black tap shoes.

Boys: Black pants and white shirt,  black tap shoes.


Comfortable clothes, black jazz shoes and/or sneakers.


The School of Dance with Sara

Dance with Sara dance bags are available for purchase. ​$20.00

Twinkle Toes Ballet

Is the blossoming of a new love of dance for your child. This class is a creative movement class for two year olds. Students will learn to build their motor skills by singing and dancing to their favorite songs! 


Is the groundwork for all forms of dance.  It is the platform where you build balance, discipline, confidence, and craft the technique essential to become accomplished in all other types of dance. Ballet classes will help dancers with posture, social skills, flexibility, fitness, dance terminology and positions.


Is a fun and rhythmic style of dance. It is a chance for students to make music with their feet! This class is designed to stimulate intellect, build coordination, and help build leg and ankle strength. Who doesn't love making music with their feet?

Hip Hop

Is a fun,  high energy, creative and dynamic class. We incorporate isolation, popping, and tricks. This class is a great way for kids to express their feelings and explore their creative side. 

Class Description 

Dance Attire